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Re: VMs: Colloquium on Ptolemy's Geography...

Hi everyone,

Some more information on the Ptolemy's Geographia colloquium...

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

* * * * * *

Ptolemy's Geography in the Renaissance --
A Warburg Institute Colloquium
Friday and Saturday, 27-28 June 2003
Supported by the British Academy and the British

Thirteen scholars from Europe, North America,
and the UK will explore the broad cultural
contexts (e.g. religion, astrology, education,
antiquarianism, art, and architecture ) in which
Ptolemy's Geography was edited, read, and
commented upon in the Renaissance.


Friday 27 June
9:30 Doors open: registration

Chair: William Ryan (Warburg Institute)
10:00 Welcome: Charles Burnett
10:10 Alexander Jones (University of Toronto)
Ptolemy's Geography: A user's guide
10:50 Margriet Hoogvliet (Groningen University)
Medieval marvels on Ptolemaic maps
11:30 Coffee
12:00 Alessandro Scafi (Warburg Institute)
After Ptolemy: the mapping of Eden
13:00 Lunch (for invited guests)

14:30 Special presentations at the British
Library, for speakers only.
16:45 Tea

Chair: Walter Melion (Johns Hopkins University)
17:15 Lesley Cormack (University of Alberta)
Ptolemy at University: the role of the
Geographia in the teaching of geography at early
modern universities
17:55 Benjamin Weiss (Burndy Library, MIT)
Owning and reading the Geography in the early
years of printing
18:45 Wine reception
19:30 Buffet supper (for invited guests)

Saturday 28 June
09:30 Doors open

Chair: Peter Barber (British Library)
10:00 Mario Carpo (Canadian Centre for
The early modern renaissance of digital images:
Alberti, Ptolemy, and a map of Rome
10:40 Angelo Cattaneo (EUI, Florence)
Map projections and perspective in the
11:20 Coffee
11:50 Francesca Fiorani (University of Virginia)
The order of Ptolemy's maps
12:30 George Tolias (NHRF, Athens)
Geography and antiquarian practices
13:10 Lunch (for invited guests)

Chair: Catherine Delano Smith (IHR, Imago Mundi)
14:10 Daniel Brownstein (independent scholar)
Ptolemy's translation and the coherence of space
in early printed world chronicles
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Margaret Small (St Edmund Hall, Oxford)
Warring traditions: Ptolemy and Strabo in the
geography of Sebastian Muenster
16:40 Darin Hayton (University of Notre Dame)
The rise of astrological geography in
Renaissance Germany
17:20 Discussion
18:00 Colloquium closes

Admission: GBP 15 per day (half price for


For more details please contact Elizabeth
Witchell at the Warburg Institute,
tel: +44 (020) 7862 8949,
email: Elizabeth.Witchell@xxxxxxxxxx

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