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VMs: RE Analysis of word dependency ...

RE Analysis of word dependency 
                                  Couldn't strong dependency between 
the final of the previous word and the initial of the next word also 
indicate obfuscation of individual words by arbitrary insertion of 
spaces -  lik et his (like this) ? 

  What I've been up to - might save replication of effort for someone.
     YES, I realise there are more sophisticated techniques of doing 
 the same thing but as I really don't know what I am looking for I 
 used this method just in case it turned up something unexpected
 - it didn't .

1. Assume that each pair of 'letters' in the VMS codes for a single 
   deciphered letter, (please forgive me if the terminology is wrong) 
   so letter 1 and 2 in the VMS gives the 1st decyphered letter, 
   letter 2 and 3  in the VMS gives the 2nd deciphered letter etc.. 
2. Wrote a program that 
   A. Took a selection of VMS text and randomly assigned a letter 
      to each possible occuring pair of VMS letters and deciphered 
      the selection of VMS text in the manner described above. 
   B. Parsed the results of 'A' to look for commonly occuring words 
      in modern English, Latin and Chaucer's Middle English - if it 
      found enough the deciphered text was saved to file for 
      examination by human.
3.  Ran the above program 2000000 times, and came up with nothing, 
    not a sausage, got the occasional random word but never anything 






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