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Re: VMs: RE Analysis of word dependency ...

Chris Parry <cwd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> 1. Assume that each pair of 'letters' in the VMS codes for a single 
>    deciphered letter,
> 2. Wrote a program that 
>    A. Took a selection of VMS text and randomly assigned a letter 
>       to each possible occuring pair of VMS letters and deciphered 
>    B. Parsed the results of 'A' to look for commonly occuring words 
> 3.  Ran the above program 2000000 times, and came up with nothing, 

Compared to the number of possible assignments of that sort,
2 million doesn't sound like a lot.

Have you tried doing this to a sample of known English
text encoded in that way? It would be interesting to know
what sort of success rate you could expect if the VMS
actually were enciphered English. Without knowing that,
you can't really draw any conclusion.

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