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Re: VMs: Bear with me...


The most complete set of folio scans that I know of is:


Good luck,


At 12:53 PM 3/18/03 -0500, PlantSuicideDrum@xxxxxxx wrote:
Wow! I was going to write that exact same thing today! I have been reading these letetrs for a few weeks... I found the VM on an Astronomy website. I too am looking for a nice copy that i can look at. I am also 20 and a college student. My roomates are Assyrian...they know a few 'dead' languages and I'd like to have them take a look at it. i I have only known that this manuscript existed for  a few weeks now, so please tolerate my questions

Why would the writer(s) want to encode it in the first place?

do they know what area it originally came from?

i am very interested in the voynich manuscript and i hope you guys can help me (and clint) out with some of the basics

~crissi wright~