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AW: VMs: context sensitive encoding

Title: AW: VMs: context sensitive encoding

Hi Rene and all,
do you mean by inverse operation, encoding the text, thus the result will have a more 'prominent' char distribution? I can try that.

BUt I think now, if you encode a text with cipher, no coding algorithm exists, which can lower the h2 entropy of a given text to the VMS level without lengthen the text.My conclusion is, if the VMS is a cipher, the original language has to have the same low h2 entropy too.As the average token length is short (compared to most known languages), there can only be few 'nulls'.I don't believe (but has to be proven), that a few nulls can lower the h2 drastically.


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Betreff: Re: VMs: context sensitive encoding

--- "Anders, Claus" <Claus.Anders@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi all,
> I just altered the key in my encoding program, but
> the results are nearly
> always the same:
> the char frequency stays quite flat, but entropy is
> high:h0=4.75, h1=4.51
> and h2=3.58 (according to Monkey).

Yes, the flat distribution causes the high
entropy. If you can somehow define the inverse
operation of your encoding, you may have a tool
to create text with VMs-like properties.

Cheers, Rene

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