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VMs: Astronomical Note: f68r3

Larry Roux and I have been working on the 
Astro section, and I wanted to give a quick update.

On the assumption that the arrangement of stars
drawn on folio 68r3 are accurate representations
of the sky, I have looked for stars that fit the
following criteria:

a) The location of the pattern is correct to the drawing.
b) The shape of the pattern is correct.
c) The angular separation of the stars is correct.

The following stars fit the criteria:

NW sector

Aldebaran        Pleiades
<dcholday>     <doaro>

NE sector

Algol        Mirfak
<okos>    <otasy>

SE sector

Almach            Mirach        Rashamatholla
<chdy oky>    <okolchy>   <acPhy>

SW sector

Pi Arietis    Mu Ceti      Menkar         Xi1 Ceti
<otydm>    <darral>    <okohody>    <ocThyd>

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