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VMs: NSA Technical Journal

I am wondering if anyone in this discussion forum on the VMS has seen or has access to any of the NSA doucments relating to the VMS listed in the Voynich Manusript bibliography?
Child, James R. ``The Voynich Manuscript Revisited.'' NSA Technical journal 21 (1976): pp.1-4. [Norse.]
Friedman, William F., et al. Printout of partial transcription, ca. 1944-46. Unnumbered item in NSA Historical Records Collection.
Tiltman, John. Partial transcription, 1951. In NSA Historical Records Collection.
Tiltman, John. ``Interim Report on the Voynich MS.'' Personal communication to William F. Friedman, 5 May 1951. 2 page typescript. In NSA Historical Records Collection. Copy in WFF 1615.13.
Tiltman, John. ``The Voynich Manuscript, `The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World.' '' NSA Technical Journal 12(July 1967) pp.41-85. [Similar in outline to D'Imperio's book, but leaner. Many poorly reproduced illustrations.]   
Dana Scott