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RE: VMs: New guy on the block

Nick wrote:
> >Don't be influenced by anything anyone says - until one of us
> >publishes something of indisputable value, your ideas
> are valid.
> GC's point - that with the VMS, anyone could come in
> and "see what everyone
> else has seen, but think what no one else has thought" (Albert
> Szent-Gyorgyi) is, of course, 100% correct - but
> there's also an awful lot
> to be said for not reinventing the same old wheel over
> and over again. :-o
> I guess everyone should find the position between these
> two extremes that
> works for them. :-)

That's not exactly what I said in my overall presentation, but
I'll go along with your interpretation to a point.  My point was
that the select few of us who dominate this list are so stuck in
our little corners that we only see a sliver of reality.  We've
painted ourselves into our corners and glued ourselved to the
floor.  In this situation your analysis does not apply.  The
correct newbie enters the room and sees a few fools glued to the
corners of this vast expanse, and only wonders at our intentions.
We meanwhile, are absolutely positive our corners are the only
part of the world that matters.

It's true that thousands of hours of 'thoughts' are embodied in
the archives, but why would anyone waste their time in going
through them initially, if none of these thoughts have produced
fruit by now? How many scholars endured classes and social
pressure against a 'round earth' concept, and how many lost their
lives over 'heliocentric' concepts?

The best anyone can do to serve new students is to list the most
observable empirical data, and give an overview of different
interpretations of these artifacts, without bias.  D'Imperio did a
good job of listing many of these, which are oft repeated, but
came to conclusions not so oft repeated.  I have less faith in the
'data' of routine analysis, especially in EVA transcription.
Others of us reach entirely different conclusions using alternate
transcription methods.

Your views may differ, but as a contributor to those expansive
archives, I'd say they're 99$ useless and less than 1/10th of a
percent relevant.  Wading through them to find this needle in a
haystack is somewhat useless until you finally define exactly what
needle you're actually looking for.


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