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Re: VMs: Re: Kircher's Moon

--- Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dana Scott wrote:
> > Here is the drawing of "Kircher's Moon" which
> > was the subject title referenced in a e-Mail
> > sent out earlier today. I  wonder if there
> > would have been sufficient advances in optics 
> > during Roger Bacon's era to even be able to
> > imagine the shape of galaxies.
> Individual stars were not resolved in other galaxies
> until 1917, and it took the 100 inch Mt. Wilson 
> telescope to do so. It wasn't until 1924 that
> convincing evidence was presented that nebulae
> were other galaxies.
One relevant aspect of this is related to Newbold.
The one strong point of his 'solution' is that he
managed to come up with plaintext for the Voynich
MS which referred to factual information that 
Newbold claimed he did not know about previously.
People later believed Newbold's integrity and
that he may have known subconsciously of these
facts. One of them was that there is a spiral 
galaxy in the general area where the Andromeda
galaxy is located.

The discovery of the spiral nature of galaxies was 
made at the above mentioned time, which must have
been in the news, and is roughly at the time when
Newbold was working on the Voynich MS (his findings 
were published in 1922).

Cheers, Rene

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