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VMs: RE: Re: michiton oladabas explained

There are of course, some differing views on what this passage
might mean, or even its actual transcription.  Take for instance
the "m" in "michiton".  If it is compared to other "m"s in the
sequence, it appears not to be an "m" at all.  It is very similar
to the astrological character, but without a tail.  I read this as
"anchiron", not "michiton".  We could argue the "r" instead of the
"t", but "anchiron" is indeed a word, while michiton is not.
There are also several "shorthand" markings in this short string,
and other references that have been recorded, in my opinion,
erroneously.  I see at least one Greek symbol in addition to the
"anchiron" reference, and I think a rather close examination with
an open mind might find a mixture of Greek, Latin, and one other

As I opinionated before, I think this to be one would-be
decipherer's attempt at understanding.  I think that if you take
the passage in a Latin/Greek/shorthand sense, you'll make more
sense of it, though it may prove ultimately indecipherable, since
we don't really know the mindset of whoever wrote it.  If he had
only written more.....


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