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RE: VMs: Tironian notes

Nick wrote:

> Can anyone point to any online scans of Tironian "4",
> "8", and "9",
> especially used in the period 1400-1470 (ie, before
> Arabic numerals really
> started to take off)?
> Certainly by Trithemius' time, Tironian notae seemed to
> have largely been
> forgotten (the Armenian psalter story, etc) - I suspect
> that the few notae
> still in (fossilised) use in the 15th century may have
> been rather less
> varied (both in form and meaning) than as described in Capelli.

These leftover notae are more commonly called latin abbreviations
now, and most manuscripts contain one or more of them from this
time period.  We're dealing with "4,o,e,8,9" and a few other VMS
glyphs if we're simply looking at Latin abbreviations, as
evidenced in D'Imperio's study on the subject.  D'Imperio lists at
least 17 useful cross-references for Latin abbreviations and the
VMS script.  Not surprising, most of these abbreviations made
their way into early shorthand.


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