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Re: VMs: Finding

Welcome to the list, Jorge!

location for the evt interlinear file that you mention;  is it available to
the public? I searched Alltheweb and Google for "the mysterious device
described in the Cabal"  and  "in the .evt interlinear file" and found only

Try: http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/98-12-28-interln16e6/ in file text16e6.evt .

Stolfi has added a great deal of information since the version you were
probably looking at.  The "cabal" reference is off-hand compared to the
volume of the rest.  Here's the section that includes the reference:

#   I.e. what is the purpose of this picture?
#   The sun in the NE corner suggests a cosmological interpretation.
#   On the other hand, the tubes suggest anatomy, or (less likely)
#   plumbing, while the roads and tower suggest a map.
#   The whole diagram may be a graphic equivalent of the description
#   of the cosmos given in 1 Enoch and other ancient texts, where
#   natural phenomena like planetary motions, rivers, winds, rains,
#   springs, etc. are said to be produced in some "cosmic factory".
#   Alternatively, it could be a "biological factory" explanation of
#   human physiology.
#   Perhaps this diagram is an attempt to draw the mysterious device
#   described in the Cabal, or the apocalyptic vision of Ezra, or
#   Heron's hydraulic gadgets, or...
#   Just to cover all the bases: it could be a report from a time
#   traveler or UFO abductee: the NW rosette is a fusion reactor, the
#   pipes leaving it carry steam for heating, the N/S/W/E rosettes are
#   steam turbines, the bulb-headed towers in the center are
#   rockets... 8-)
#   Another possibility is that it is a "fantasy island", like many
#   kids like do draw (and grown-ups too---consider Tolkien's maps of
#   Middle Earth)
	Jim Gillogly
	Trewesday, 14 Forelithe S.R. 2003, 00:02, 10 Muluc 17 Zip, First Lord of Night

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