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Re: VMs: Finding

Hi Jorge,

You seem to have deliberatley ignored all the rationalization and
justification that accompanies my argument and also my implicit suggestion
for being careful about "not seeing the forest for the trees" when examining
ornamented interpretations of minutiae.

I've read a great deal about qabbalah, sephiroth, gematria, etc etc - and I certainly agree with you that the Tree of Life could well have been an influence on the original diagram-maker.

Part of the cleverness of the VMS is the way that it has been made to appear to be outside existing traditions - many of us assume that this has been done to hide underlying patterns, but this is no more than a working assumption. All of this makes it the easiest thing in the world to project your own experiences and patterns onto its (essentially blank) semantic canvas.

A complex diagram like the 9-rosette page is a key case in point - I've gone over the photograph of it in H.P.Kraus' book with a magnifying glass, and nearly every time I find some new microscopic (or macroscopic!) detail to surprise me. It's already a forest of details, and so it's up to us to discern the real pattern.

However, this means that many theories are possible - and my best guess is that several may well prove to be true simultaneously, so the underlying logic ceases to be a binary "either-or" (much like Derrida's critique of Aristotelian logic in "Of Grammatology"). What is important about each hypothesis here is that we try to work out what it would mean for the VMS if it were true - and what its relationships with other hypotheses are.

I suppose what I'm saying is: I'm not looking for *rationalization and justification* as much as for *implication*... where ideas lead *to*, not where they're *from*. This is because the problem with rationalization is the same as with almost all statistical proofs - it confuses correlation (ie, coincidence or concurrence) with causality.

For the Tree of Life correlation, I can see your justification perfectly well - but can you take it to the next stage now, and tell us what that would say about the VMS if it were true?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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