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Re: VMs: Re: 2012

In a message dated 6/5/2003 6:51:14 AM Eastern Standard Time, incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>wonder if we can narrow down a time of year when Wilfrid Voynich most likely
>visited Mondragone (Dragon Mountain)?

I suspect that it's (perhaps fittingly?) more likely to be a corruption of
Mandragola (Mandrake). But I'd prefer to leave that to Jesuit historians to
debate. :-)

Just to be facetious, "Mandragola" was the title of a play written by none other than Niccollo Machiavelli.  The title refers to a (non-existent) magic potion made from mandrake root.  I don't think Jesuit historians would like to study this one, since the play is a vicious satire on corruption in the Church.

Considering that Machiavelli wrote Il Principe as a job application, do you think he should be proposed as an author of the VMS?

Just kidding.

            - James A. Landau