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Re: VMs: Re: 2012

Dana wrote:

> >wonder if we can narrow down a time of year when
> Wilfrid Voynich most likely
> >visited Mondragone (Dragon Mountain)?

and Nick:

> I suspect that it's (perhaps fittingly?) more likely
> to be a corruption of 
> Mandragola (Mandrake). But I'd prefer to leave that
> to Jesuit historians to debate. :-)

I'm not one :-)
We can probably narrow down the date a bit from
Wilfrid's correspondence in the Beinecke. There
is likely to be more information delved away in
both the ARSI (archive of the Soc. of Jesus) in
Rome, and in the Gregorian University. Quite hard
to access. It is a pity that we don't know
this particular 'birthday' but never mind.

The Villa is really called Mondragone, and the
coat of arms of the pope that had it first
built includes a dragon. Have a look with
Google, there are lots of pictures, and some
history of the Villa.

Cheers Rene

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