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Re: VMs: Finding_02

Hi Jorge,

At 18:11 05/06/2003 -0300, Jorge Aveleira wrote:
Thanks for your extended commentary on my former post. If folio 86 is indeed
a representation of the Tree of Life, and perhaps its structure even
permeates all of the VMS, then one could possibly search for keys to
decipher it with approaches deriving from the old jewish techniques of
gematria, notaricon and temura and also within hebrew language besides
latin, that keeps being the most likely. Also, a general proposition in VMS
would have been recognized to aid the deciphering.

I (and others) have already spent a great deal of time looking for patterns associated with number systems within the VMS, as this might be a good way to crack at least part of its code: the <dain daiin daiiin> pattern aside, there seems to be nothing obviously (structurally) consistent with Hebrew- (or Greek-) style numbering to be found anywhere.

However, I would also point out that Steve Ekwall's conception of how the VMS' code works is actually quite similar to Aiq Bekar (AIQ BKR), the Qabbalah of Nine Chambers. Some occultists (Francis Barrett's "Magus") use this to convert spirit names to number sequences and from there to shapes - the sigil repeated on the second ring in of f57v could just as well be such a sigil as GC's suggested shorthand symbol.

For more on Aiq Bekar, you might look at "A Garden of Pomegranates" by Israel Regardie (1932, though note that there's an "edited and annotated" 1999 edition that would seem to be worth looking at first) - though this has been on my "books to read" list for a while, I haven't yet got done so. :-|

I'm really not hostile to the idea of Qabbalistic influence on the VMS: but then again (to mix a religious metaphor), the devil's in the details. :-o

Finally, if you can read Crowley comfortably, you might look at this excerpt:-

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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