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VMs: Re: RE: Re: Re: Finding_02 / Alchemy

Thank you for your comments from my previous email.

> alchemical manuscript to produce the "elixir of life"?  Sorry,
> Francois, not a chance on that idea.

The medicinal formulas, in the Midle ages, turned for *several plants*, in
conjunction with planets and stars.
Roger Bacon has written several texts about the meanings to keep the long

Paracelse (Archidoxis Magicae) wrote : "one can read that the writing has
also an important role: "the signs, the characters and the letters have
their force and their effectiveness. If the nature and the own essence of
the metals, the influence and the capacity of the Sky and Planets, the
significance and the layout of the characters, signs and letters, are
harmonized and agreed simultaneously with the observation of the days, times
and hours, what thus, in haven's name, would prevent that a sign or seal
manufactured of the kind did not have *its force and its faculty to operate*
? ".

The nature can have its own power by the togertherness of its different
units : plants, signs and letters, stars, zodiacs, men, women, ...

>   There is no togetherness in the middle
> ages.  There is no goal of life, no understanding of Gaia, and
> certainly no discussion of evolving or evolution in any form.
In the Middle Ages beliefs, the power of stars on the food and drinks
permitted  the men to have a life more longer..., for example

>  ALL things pointed to God, and God was represented in all things.
Yes, in the Middle Ages ; at the Renaissance less. But the VMs is not a
religious or sacred manuscript. So I don't think the author wanted to create
a religious text

 > Your view of medieval Europe is totally out of synch with
> everything I've read and gathered on the subject.
My western point of view of the middle ages has been written by an european
who has read a lot of books by other europeans.
I haven't the truth, I read as the people in this mailing list.

My answer is not to prove VMs is an alchemical text, but to know why and how
the text was invented ?

Francois Almaleh (France)

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