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Re: VMs: Virgin Mary (was re: VMS: Finding)

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here's another possible explanation: if, like me,
> you suspect the nymphs in 
> the astrological volvelles have a logical ordering
> (inner rings first, 
> count them clockwise from 10 o'clock [ie, around
> from the ascendant]), then 
> the crowned nymph's location would be 15 or 16
> degrees of Libra.
> So far, so nothing: but can we find any powerful
> Quattrocento women born to  that degree?

It really depends on the time of birth. It's only
in modern astrology that the so-called Sun-sign
is all that matters. If you're born on 10 June, then
you're a Gemini (and of course, Gemini don't believe
in that sort of thing). In good old classical
astronomy, the ascendant was far more important.
And this makes full circle in just under a day.
On average 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds, to be
a bit more precise :-/

> My #2 guess would be Bianca Maria Sforza, but her
> birthday was 31st March 
> 1425 (in Milano) - which we can probably rule out as
> being linked with  Libra. :-)

No, we can't :-)
But then again, see my earlier post why I think that
this crown has a completely different meaning.
Let me check at home at which degree of Libra
Regulus culminates. This also shifts by 1 degree 
every 70-odd years. Unfortunately, we can't be
sure which degree of Libra is meant with this
nymph. I wish they were logically ordered, as you
so hopefully suggest at the top, but we can't be
too sure.

Cheers, Rene

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