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Re: VMs: Pinmo (don't bother)

>   But I do find pinmo used as a word in many web pages....I doubt they are all
>   typos.  I can't tell you what the languages are or what it means.  There are
>   many people on this list who are better linguists than I so I will defer to
>   them.  Is pinmo a word?

No. The language you found mentioning "pinmo" is Danish, but pinmo is not
a Danish word. This, however, is in English: "I'm a Danish journalist 
presently working on a case where several Danes and Norwegians claim 
to have been lured by a Danish citezen Mogens Christensen,  who is 
working with a so called Children foundation in Thailand called
PinMo. The Danes and Norwegians filed a fraud report yesterday at 
the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok."

As for:

>   http://www.geocities.com/ceqli/Ceqdict.html

>   It is, however, neither related to Czech nor German. To me,
>   it seems that the owner of the page ("Ceqli") just created his
>   own little language.

Ceqli is a constructed language, very well-known in the conlang
community (where "conlang" stands for "constructed language").
It was invented by Rex May:


The other one, at www.vojir.com, is not a language. It is
complete gibberish. Load a page and do a  word count, 
you'll see why:

Different words/items counted: 881
Total Words: 1030
Total Punctuation: 188
Total Other Text: 0
Total Characters: 5842 

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