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Re: VMs: MONKEY and Voynich concordance

6/10/03 4:06:30 PM, Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Monkey for both entropy and concordances with no memory limits?
>I can't wait!!

Well, limits. In Euphoria a single character occupies 4 bytes (as far 
as I can guess). This MONKEY's  data structure takes two  characters and 
3 integers per character of text  (not exactly but close enough), so if
you have 23M of free memory as I have right now, you are limited to
a text of one million characters.  (I have only 64M of RAM) 
With standard PCs nowadays having 256M, I did not bother picking
a language less extravagant of memory. The sample concordance
I posted here was produced by some 200 lines of code, comments
included. The longest procedure is the one that fetches a word
or segment of word and displays it with its context and the
line header: about 50 lines. Next is the sort  which is  about
50 lines too. It is all very simple, really, because of the
data structure. The nightmare will be designing the user interface,
which I will leave until the very last.

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