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Re: VMs: MONKEY and Voynich concordance

Jacques Guy wrote:
I had announced here, already several months ago, that I was rewriting
it is very fast, as interpreted languages come. I just did a
letter-by-letter concordance of the 5,471 lines of the EVA
transcription ending with f115r. It took the program 14.34 seconds to
read and reformat the data, and only 37.24 seconds to produce the
concordance. But not to save it on disk: it is 191,545 lines long,
and would occupy some SIXTEEN megabytes. Would make a nice book,
wouldn't it? Some 30,000 pages!

Here are the first ten lines:
<f79r.P.44;H>     aiin.chkam.ar.cheedy.ldy\ody.o|aan.okeey.dar.cheory\poldshedy
<f113v.P.45;H>    .lsar.lkeey.opchedy.qokchdy.ot|a.aram\olkaiin.cheey.lain.al.c
<f112v.P.38;H>    n.ar.qokaiin.chol.kedy.qokam\s|a.ar.oiin.okchey.al.chedy.chol
<f32v.P.10;H>     .chor.chol.daiin.cphol.cthol.d|aar\ol.sho.chy\tshdar.shdor.sh
<f115r.P.3;H>     od.qol.chedy.qockheos.cholor.d|aar.oraro\dchedain.qokeedy.olk
<f71v.S2.1;H>     .cheey.otal.al.shldy.otaly.\of|acfom\otalody\otalaiin\otar.sh
<f72r1.S1.5;H>    y\oaiin.ar.ary\okalam\ytal.shd|a\char.alf\otaraldy\otaiin.ota
<f42r.P1.1;H>     kol.chedy.okeey\sho.ofaiin.cth|achcthy.otcheey.pchear\sol.kai
<f22r.P.7;H>      hy.ctheen\kchol.shol.dsheor.sk|a.chdoly.ytaiin.olotchy.cphal\
<f68r3.C1.1;H>    pcheody.dchedy.daiin.oteeody.d|a*cheedy.oteeody.qochecth*m.dc

Unlike with MONKEY, the text appears as it is, even with the line
"headers", e.g. <f79r.P.44;H>.

Each line shows a word, or part of a word, in its context. A pipe
(|) has been inserted to mark the beginning of the word (or part of
a word). So we have there: aanokeey..., aaramolkaiin...,
aaroiinokchey..., and so on. A back slash (\) means an end-of-line.
These two special characters are user-definable of course
(end-of-line and pipe). For the purpose of sorting, only "active"
letters (user-defined, of course) are taken into account (here:
'a' to 'z'); the rest is ignored.

MONKEY had a limit to sorting accuracy, which was  user-definable.
This version has no limit at all: entries are sorted right to
the end of the input text if necessary. I was very surprised that
it took barely over half a minute--and my computer is old, 5-years
old, an AMD-K6 running at 200MHz only. With a modern monster, I
expect that you could hardly count one, two, three.

If you have ideas, suggestions, now is the time to tell me about
them, before I get too deep in writing this "SON OF MONKEY".

I'm not quite familiar with what this program does, but I expect I might be able to help with matters like these. My expertise is in high-efficiency large-data algorithms and processing.

What exactly does MONKEY do, or more precisely, what should it do?

Chris - Xenon
     Chris Hanson | Xenon@xxxxxxxxxxxx | Life is too short to fold socks!
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