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VMs: Edward Kelly's dead Catholic bishop...?

Hi everyone,

At the risk of partially answering my own question, here are some likely sources of information on the subject:-

        Glastonbury Abbey. Glastonbury Abbey Documents, 30 reels
        Guide: INDEX Film A 616
        Court and compotus rolls, dating from the 13th to the
        16th century, housed at Longleat.

        reel. Scholars are also referred to David M. Smith: Guide
        INDEX Film 458.1 to the Bishops' Registers of England
        and Wales: A Survey From the Middle Ages to the
        Abolition of the Episcopacy in 1646. London, 1981

        In the case of the Glastonbury Abbey court and compotus rolls
        apply direct to the librarian at Longleat (address below) and for
        a published account of this part of the collection (including
        references to the microfilm edition) see Kate Harris and William
        Smith, Glastonbury Abbey Records at Longleat House: a
        Summary List, Somerset Record Society volume 81, 1991.

        Dr Kate Harris, The Estate Office, Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire,
        BA12 7NW. Tel: 01985 845434 (voice mail facility available).
        Fax: 01985 844885. e-mail: longleatlibrary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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