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Re: VMs: Edward Kelly's dead Catholic bishop...?

this is only tangentially related but ... near Glastonbury is a village called Temple Clouds (interesting name) and 1 mile outside it is the "Bookbarn" a secondhand and antiquarian book place, approx 1.5 million books, I was in there a week ago and one thing that you might be interested in was a copy of Woolley "The Queen's Conjurer" re. John Dee., they are very reasonably priced (also a good place for local/Somerset history),

Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've just been going over the details of Edward Kelly's
"I-bought-it-in-a-pub-off-the-landlord-for-a-guinea" story: reading up more
about 16th Century Somerset, it seems quite clear that most money raised
around there got siphoned off to the super-bishopric and monastery at
Glastonbury - and so that seems to be pretty much the most likely place any
reasonably high-ranking Catholic bishop would have been buried.

Now... if we can date the VMS to not before (say) 1450, and the Dissolution
of the Monasteries to 1535-1536, and we're only interested in high-ranking
Catholic burials in one graveyard, then surely this gives a pretty narrow
window for identifying a list of candidates for this dead bishop?

By examining the known details of the (I guess) 4 or 5 bishops who were
buried at Glastonbury during that time, we may find o! ut some interesting
leads - but has anyone tried to do this already?

Also: I'm currently planning to travel down to Glastonbury next week - is
there anywhere/anyone there I should try to look at / talk with about this?

I should also point out that there's a further possibility - that the whole
story was constructed as a kind of "semantic cryptogram", as a way of
secretly identifying the real source of the manuscript (perhaps a
necromancer within the Church?) Just a thought to keep you on your toes. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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