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Re: VMs: Edward Kelly's dead Catholic bishop...?

BTW, the bibliography for the Glastonbury "Freak" thesis is at:-


The specific references from the quotations I took in my previous email are:-

(((  "Ashe 1969 chapter 5" would refer to one of the following:-  )))
Ashe, G.A., Camelot and the Vision of Albion, Heinemann~ London~ 1971.
Ashe, G., King Arthur's Avalon, Collins, London, 1957.
Ashe, G.A., The Quest for Arthur's Britain, Pall, London, 1968.

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Bond, B., The Gate of Remembrance, Blackwell, Oxford, 1918.

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Watkin Dom Aelred, O.S.B., The Story of Glastonbury, Catholic Truth Society, Bristol, 1969

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