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Re: VMs: Edward Kelly's dead Catholic bishop...?

Yet more Glastonbury related trivia:-

        Any failure to find the body made no difference to the cult of
        St. Joseph at Glastonbury. Pilgrimages were made to a
        stone image of the Saint in the crypt beneath the Chapel
        of Our Lady. This crypt, known as St. Joseph's Chapel, was
        constructed by Abbot Bere about A.D.1500. Certain
        representations of the Saint survive, notably in the 15th
        century glass of the east window of Langport Church
        (Somerset), in which he is shown carrying the symbolic
        cruets, just as St. Dunstan was to be recognized by the
        goldsmith's pincers which he held in his hand.

        There is evidence of Greek studies at other monasteries,
        --at Westminster after 1465, when Millyng, an "able
        graecian," became prior at Reading in 1499 and 1500,
        and at Glastonbury during the time of Abbot Bere.[1]

[1] Gasquet 2, 37. [though a more precise reference wasn't given]

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