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Re: VMs: Ruysschaert and De Ricci for dummies

Hello Xavier,

you wrote:
> You will find here http://www.geocities.com/voyms/ 
> a new text written for my own comprehension : 

I agree with everything you wrote. It is clear
that De Ricci used information supplied by
Ethel Voynich and/or Anne Nills, but to me it 
is also clear that Ruysschaert already had the
list of manuscripts bought by Voynich _before_ 
he used 'De Ricci'. As you also indicate using
the Valturius example. Note that Kraus mentions
one of these in his biography - I have not seen
that chapter. 

The distinction between 'Collegio Romano' and
'Villa Mondragone' is important. The Collegio
Romano did not really exist prior to 1931,
when it was re-opened in its current location in
Rome. Before that time, many Jesuit possessions
were kept hidden in various places.
Note that I have never ever seen the Villa Mondragone
mentioned in any source about the history of
the Collegio Romano, or the books owned by the

Also, we still don't have proof that Kircher ever
owned the Voynich MS, but we do know that the
paper notes referring to P. Beckx are found in
the following three places:
- the MSS described by Ruysschaert, which are 
  now in the Vatican.
- the books bought by Voynich, and now 'scattered'
  over the USA
- Kircher's correspondence, which is now again
  kept in the Gregorian University (i.e. the 
  Collegium Romanum).
At least the last set did belong to Kircher.

This is close, but not quite proof yet.

Cheers, Rene

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