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Re: VMs: RE: Map scans now posted...

Correct.  The content of the VMS is not restricted - but the individual pictures/slides, etc are governed by fair use.  The person (or group) who owns the picture has the authority to govern/copyright that use.
In most cases educational institutions do not restrict use of such materials as the Voynich MS scans for research purposes.  If you used a scan or part of a scan as a logo for a new pair of new Nike shoes they may balk.  If you took pages from the Voy and dubbed in pictures of real, naked nymphs out on a porn site they would most certainly balk.  The key is Universities/Colleges are meant to broaden knowledge, not line people's pockets (ok, maybe that is just a bit naive..).
In any case it is always best to ask the source for permission and be sure to note the source (ie "All scans of pages are used with the expressed permission of Yale University...blah blah blah").
In this day and age "theft" of graphics from one web page to another is quite prevelent.  The same idea should pertain to Web pages.  If you cannot get permission to use a graphic from a page you should simply link to the source rather than using the graphic.  There is even talk about how moralistic it is to even create links to pages without permission... but that gets further off topic.
If you remember the axiom: "Do not pass off intellectual property as your own" you should be safe.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> xenon@xxxxxxxxxxxx 06/24/03 11:45AM >>>
steve ekwall wrote:
> "under copyright to the VMs group"?, I'm not a lawyer, but can one
> copyright something they don't even know what it is??
> Can/should I 'copyright' this reply?
> Why try to copyright it in the 1st place if it is NOT Yours/Ours??

   The VMs itself is not protected under any known copyright law, being
far too old to be within the permitted time range.

   I can take a picture of something, say, a frog. Even if the frog is not
mine, I can claim ownership (and copyright) of the photo. If you own the frog,
there are circumstances where you can claim my photo is derivative of some
rights you have and either prevent me from taking a picture or owning the
picture. (For example, the famous Cypress tree in Monterey is protected by
trademark, limiting what rights you as a photographer can have).

   In the case of the VMs, if the library were to allow us to take pictures of
the VMs, the photographer would then own the images and copyright, and can
stipulate what they will allow done with them. For example, we might stipulate
that no for-profit books be published using them unless an arrangement to return
some of the proceeds to the group (to fund research).

> If I bought a "slave" or pet bird, Is it R E A L L Y Mine?
> Voynich _just bought_ this Ms. Can we copyright all the books we have
> bought on our bookshelves in our home & office? (what if the very 1st
> line (finally DEcoded) of the VMs says "COPYRIGHTED King Zyxxyggy"
> (ouchey!) ha.haa
> Best to you & yours
> -=se=-
> steve (rem: ES said it was for EVERYONE) ekwall

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