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nothing personal... ...Re: VMs: ... for dummies

sorry, just thought dummies is what we all are... at last what I feel to be when 
trying to put the VMS in real world (where people are living)... and in the day 
after St Johns Day you easily express yourself unadequately, hehheh...

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Mart Vabar wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Xavier Ceccaldi wrote:
> > 
> >   a.. The first source is Voynich himself, but we need another independent source.
> Well, I agree with this direction of thinking
> When looking at pics in VMS, I think (hoax or not), it probably comes from 
> places between where Voynich was expelled and, say, Lithuania.
> BTW, it seems, we have totally forgot Lithuania in theories 
> of VMS-origin. I did not find a better map for XV century:
> http://www.poloniatoday.com/images/PolLith.jpg
> but most of this poverful Polish-Lithuanian Union was the Lithuanian part, 
> speaking mostly other languages, than the Lithuanian.
> It was in 14-hundred-and something probably the most democratic 
> place (ideologically) in Europe and began to change toward christianity (and 
> the Polish language) only a generation after Tannenberg, in mid-1400-s.
> Pagans, Jews, Christians with different 
> roots lived together in "old*" Lithuania and this is probably the only 
> place in Europe, where such a thing could peacefully exixt up to XV century.
> Well, this lore of free mind was forgotten later - the history was written by 
> others...
> Relatively well is known the story of Lithuania's elite-troops of jewish cavalry
> (no joke, boys - this originated from Khasaria), but the VMS has not 
> their cultural fingerprints. But it could theoretically 
> be some pagan "Metamorphoses" of herbal medecine...  ...and this makes sense in 
> both contexts of origin (hoax/not hoax). 

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