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VMs: Quire 1 wear & tear

	I think the first two quires have been bound in the same order for quite
some time - possibly these two quires survived any reshuffling while many of
the others didn't. Nonetheless, the first quire certainly shows enough
that it was bound in the order it is presently bound for quite some time.

	All of the verso pages in the first half of the quire have a left edge
imprint from folio 5's cut edge. 1v, 2v, 3v, and 4v (even in the lousy
show an exact match of the 'shape' of the cut that forms the 5r upper-right
that would have faced them from the middle of the quire.

	One would assume the following recto pages would be affected in the same
but they don't (at least on the copyflo). So, If the quire is folded over
and pressed
down - the top few pages which extend beyond the 'cut' aren't supported by
the underlying
page and form a crease over time... while those below the cut (the 2nd half
of the quire)
aren't affected. I would expect that if the quire was flipped over and quire
1 was face
down for some time that the 2nd half of the quire would have been affected.

	All this really means is that the VMS possibly sat in the order it is
presently in,
with the 1st quire on top for the few hundred years it was stored away.

	Then again, perhaps I'm assuming too much here; not that I've ever done
that before 8-)

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