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VMs: RE: Re: VMS PDF Info

Ken, I received mine as well.  I found images here that I'd totally forgotten I had!  Had to find the buried directory to resurrect them.  Some colors I didn't even know existed, but here they are!  Cool..........
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Thanks Ken,
CD arrived today in the UK.
I have made a copy and will forward the disk onto the next person.
Who's next?
I have also got a collection of Gifs that Bret very kindly gave me a number of years ago after the last get together.
I can add those to the CD to fill up the space if required and if no-one objects, I don't know where they originated.
If anyone can't join the chain i.e. can't duplicate the CD, let me know and I can send out a few additional copies. <Hears flood gates opening>.
I know I don't post here often but I do enjoy reading and thinking about all of the posts, especially yours Steve. Have you ever been involved in Psychic Questing (Andy Collins, seventh sword and all that, Andy Collins had John Dee's "spirit" guiding him hence I read your posts with great interest)?
Be in touch
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Hey All,
At this point I'll do what I know.  I'll send out a handful via post to anyone interested if they can do the same in return for the next wave.  So far I have Don Latham and Nick Pelling (Nick, I need your address).
I'm in the US.  I'll spring for sending ten or so, depending on how many are going across an ocean.

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