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Re: Nabatean, was Re: VMs: Personal Guess

> > Bruce Babbled;
> >
> > (Is anyone aware of another natural language which been found in only one
> > example?)

> Dennis Dotted; 
>         The Phaistos Disk comes to mind:
> http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/phaistos/index.html
> I'm sure there are others. Anyone?

Barbara Babbles;
The Tartessos Ring, Springs to mind instantly, and the stones of the
Tartaria Script (all found at the one site and in the same context so
I'd count them as a single example). I'm certain there are several of
the many "lost scripts" of east and west asia of which there are only
single examples, and there were only single examples of the south
american (pre-Columbian) Isthmian, Takalik, and Kaminaluyu scripts,
although I'm not certain if that is still the case (there is a claim
that Isthmian has been deciphered, but that's still under review).

Certainly although the Phaistos Disk was for a very long time the only
example of that script, there have since been found axe heads and the
like which also have inscriptions in that script.

Of course these are all examples of undeciphered "natural" scripts, if
memory serves me well there are also single examples of "invented
scripts", the language of which is pretty much certain, but remain
Where memory fails is in recalling specific examples except in nebulous
terms such as "the notebook of that american fellow who built glittery
thrones in a rented garage" which isn't much help really :-(.

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