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Re: VMs: vms - French?

Thanks for the comment.
I too believe that the Voy is not as simple as all that - though I do believe that certain labels are more plainly encrypted than the general text. 
When I applied my "label" rule to the f1r paragraph, however, I was very surprised to find not just some words - but words that are logically linked to the overall document.  While it is unlikely to produce an overall translation these results cause me to want to try the same key to other parts of the text.  If more words come out it might reveal something - ie a rotating/changing key or something.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx 08/13/03 04:15AM >>>

--- Larry Roux <lroux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> [...] I have been
> working on trying to get some of the astronomical
> names to come out somewhat sensible, and decided to
> try my simple substitution (not quite single
> substitution, but close) against the first paragraph
> of f1r to see if anything made sense. 
> What came out was a semi-French looking text [...]
> What really got me going was line 4 -
> where text came out remarkably like "astres -
> terrestres"

You're following the footsteps of Brumbaugh and
Levitov and perhaps a few others, in getting
vaguely familiar and very repetitive words
which, with a lot of imagination could sound
like something like (in this case) French.
You'll find that, the higher fraction of words
you want to translate, the more imagination will
be required. Levitov could 'translate' whole pages
without skipping words (IIRC), which means that his
translation required an extreme amount of
imagination. Essentially it was his own invented

This is the fate of such an approach, since the
VMs words follow a certain structure (core-mantle-
crust or whatever one may want to call it) which
does not resemble any known European language.
With a simplish substitution one might get a
very different type of language (for example
a monosyllabic tonal language...).
Or to get a European plain text, one needs a
totally different kind of substitution.

Cheers, Rene

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