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Re: VMs: More of the same

Hello Jeff,

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This time using different prefixes for each vowel.
> Using this table for
> lookups:
> [snipped]
> ar.artat.ichab.okan.eglab.oban.....
> Fake word splits would have to follow a better
> pattern than I have chosen.
> But let me know what you think.

at this stage, I would suggest that you get a
copy of a piece of S/W written by Jacques Guy,
which can conveniently be downloaded from Gabriel
Landini's web site. It's called 'MONKEY' and lets
you check whether your entropy is going down
sufficiently. Until you can demonstrate that this
is happening, I doubt that many people are willing
to spend time examining your outputs.
Even after that, I suspect that you'll be on your
own proving your points and driving it home to
the list (like everybody else). If you want to do
that, of course :-)

Cheers, Rene

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