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RE: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

Hi Brett,
Using a technique such as this, manual encoding and decoding would be pretty straightforward. I would imagine that with a practice it might even be possible to 'read' the encoded text without resorting to tables. The spaces between 'words' act as synchronisation points, so that you can start at a random location in the text and still be able to decode it.
Another feature of the algorithm is that pretty much whatever text you feed in, you get something VMS-like coming out but with slightly different probabilities of various combinations of characters. This might explain the apparent 'language' differences in the VMS.
Jon (not John) Grove.
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Hi John,
your program output looks very interesting and the ouput looks like VMS to my untutored eye. Any method that can produce VMS like text based on an input stream of, in this case English, should make us all pause and think about how this could be applied as a manual encipherment method.
Cheers and I hope there is more in due course,

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