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Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

Thanks for the info


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From: "Rene Zandbergen" <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: 15 August 2003 07:56
Subject: Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

> --- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Rene is there a site where a complete statistical
> > breakdown is available for
> > word counts and word placement?
> There is no 'consolidated' table of statistics
> for character counts, pair counts and word counts,
> but there are lots of statistics related to 
> word frequencies at the web sites
> of Gabriel Landini and Jorge Stolfi.
> Is that Wiki page with links available yet?
> If you don't find links to these two web sites
> at www.voynich.net, you can go via
> www.voynich.nu/refs.html
> (this is what I always do and I usually can't 
> remember URL's offhand).
> Cheers, Rene

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