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Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

Brett Cotton  wrote
Hi Rene,
I'll have a look at producing Courier and EVA.
The algorithm uses data from a previous program that analysed all of the FSG text in the interlinear 1.7 file and produced a list of contact frequencies for each "letter". This is then plugged in to the text generator as a look up table for each letter. I then seed a random number generator and based on the current letter, do a lookup on the table of right hand contact frequencies for that letter to produce the next letter in the sequence. I have treated space as a letter here.
So, to answer your "blue sky" question, there is no input text and the output is different each time the program is run but still has (or should have) all the characteristics of FSG text.

Rene Zandbergen <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: