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VMs: RE: Character Frequency Analysis

OK - Looking for suggestions here.  I tried to come up with a good method to reflect the underlying glyphs on page 115r and come immediately up against the "c" "e" "h" - and some "i"s  problem.  (I am working with EVA here)
For instance, while it is apparent to me that the word "oroiir" on the first line is "orour" [english u here - not EVA u] how should I deal with the next word?  It could be:
So much of this is look and feel and I want to try and get as real of a set of stats as I can.  Of course, none of us knows the proper answer, so any suggestions/comments are more than welcome!  What would you like to see?

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> John@xxxxxxxxxxxx 08/23/03 03:06PM >>>
Well... there sure was a lot to read after my holidays!
    However, I'll limit my response to Larry's work which showed some interesting coincidence in folio 26 and 31 compared to the
folio's surrounding them. First, I think I may have asked this before - but what's the difference between a standalone 'c' and a standalone 'e'?
The stats seem to show the popularity of each of these as separate... I think vladimir is right that common constructs like 'ch', 'cph', 'cth',
etc... should be counted separately - and any standalone 'c or e' are treated always as 'e'. Then, I'd like to see a frequency count that includes
the frequency of 'e', 'ee', 'eee', 'eeee', and 'i', 'ii', 'iii', 'iiii' as well. In the count, I think that when any character is repeated it should be counted as
a whole -- that is 'eee' doesn't count as 'eee' and 'ee'+e and 'e'+'e'+'e'... it only counts as one occurrence of 'eee'.
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I am a bit over half done with the page-by-page character frequency counts.
The (raw) data so far is posted to http://web.syr.edu/~laroux/VoyAnalysis.htm
I still find it weird that many consecutive pages have very similar statistics.
I wonder if this sort of thing can help confirm some of your suspicions that pages may be foliated in an incorrect order...
There are also some results from my program that I started putting in the page for characters that begin words and end words. 
And of course my "English Text Hidden in the Voy" page is still there at http://web.syr.edu/~laroux/VoyEng.htm
One of these days I will get organized and make a neat page like all you'se guys (and gals) have, but ... one project at a time....

Larry Roux
Syracuse University