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VMs: JavaScript VMs analysis tool V0.1 now online...

Hi everyone,

Here's a link to V0.1 of my online JavaScript VMs analysis tool:-


This contains:
* all the interlinear transcriptions (converted to JavaScript using a Perl script)
* hand/language/section/quire filters
* a configurable BITRANS clone (with several useful presets)
* a configurable state machine (with several gallows-related presets, ie Steve Ekwall's)
* three stats reporting formats to choose from
* eight output windows to select from

Here's a quick get-going-now user guide:-
(1) select one of the transcription authors (default = [H] Takeshi Takahashi's)
(2) select your filter (default = all, but you could usefully try Currier Language A only etc)
(3) select the Bitrans transcription (default = Glyph)
(4) select the state model (default = none)
(5) select the stats display format (default = "(token, percentage)")
(6) select the output window (default = 1, but change this to compare pairs of figures)
(7) Click on the [Analyse VMS!] button, and away you go.

Each query should take between 2 and 20 seconds (roughly), depending on:-
* the complexity of your query
* the speed of your PC
* which browser and OS you're using

Once the query is complete, a "Done!" alert pops up, and the results should have been written to the output window you selected. Each state displays its instance counts, its block counts (ie, the number of times the state was entered), the average length of each block, and its h0 and h1 statistical entropy measures (I'll add in h2 & h3 later - it's not yet a complete MONKEY clone).

For Windows browsers, probably the easiest way to grab the output for an interesting run is:-
(1) click once on the output window you just output to
(2) press CTRL-A ("select all (text)")
(3) press CTRL-C ("copy selected (text)")
(4) open up a document in your text-editor
(5) press CTRL-V ("paste selected (text)").

BTW: the very first time you go to this webpage, there's likely to be an awkward pause (depending on the speed of your connection), while the 1MB of interlinear transcriptions get loaded into your browser's cache - however, once that's done, those data should persist in your browser's cache, so this pause should only (typically) be a one-off thing for most people.

Right now, these 1000 lines of JavaScript are a brave (though experimental) first attempt at an web-accessible VMs stats tool - it works for me, but I'd be really grateful for any feedback. For example, h2 & h3 entropy stats aside, what would you like me to add?

Perhaps the best thing about this is that if you don't like my transcription or state presets, you can add (and test out) your own in very simply and quickly. Please feel free to experiment! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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