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Re: VMs: JavaScript VMs analysis tool V0.1 now online...

Hi Rene,

This is _precisely_ one of the things that VTT does.
It has no graphical user interface. It uses Unix-
like command options (you know, with minus signs).
One other thing it does is to select parts of the
file. If you ever wondered why the interlinear
file has stuff like $L=A or $Q=T in each page
header, you know once you've looked at VTT.

Yes, this is what all the second column of checkboxes do in my tool. :-)

There's one frivolous option in VTT, which is
to create output in RTF, such that the Voynich
text automatically appears in the EVA Hand 1 font
and the annotations in Latin.

All in good time... :-)

I wonder if your tool could be made to invoke
VTT and Bitrans, rather than replacing them?

The problems my tool is trying to fix are those of accessibility and usability - how can anyone anywhere try out a new transcription or state machine on the interlinear text via a web-page, and without having to refer to a Unix man page?

The other practical issue is that of server (over)load - writing it completely in JavaScript ensures that the effective server load is minimised (as all the work gets done on the user's PC).

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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