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RE: VMs: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

    I think you'll find Rene is accurate in the earlier statement. 'f' and 'p' occur on Paragraph initial lines and
some labels. You won't find any that aren't on a first line of a paragraph (and if you do - it's probably a
first line of a paragraph that wasn't separated out smoothly by the author).
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Take a look at f114r.  You will see 'f' amd 'p' throughout the page.
example words:
pchcos  podair  ocphy
ofchedaiis cfhdy
there are a lot more.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

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--- Larry Roux <LRoux@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry, While I believe that the inital "f" and "k"
> for paragraphs/sentences should not be included as
> parts of words - your statement "the character 'f'
> in fachys is a character that only appears in the MS
> on the top lines of paragraphs" is not entirely
> true.  'f' appears as a character (or set of
> characters) many times.


There is a major distinction between on the one
hand k and t, and on the other hand f and p.
k and t have two legs and can appear anywhere.
f and p have one leg and appear (to my knowledge)
only on top lines of paragraphs, and I think
also in some labels.

If you're aware of any number of f or
p characters in other locations, I'd be very
interested to know of them.

Cheers, Rene

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