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Re: VMs: RE: Interlinear line codes...?

Hi John,

At 17:32 28/08/2003 -0400, John Grove wrote:
The beginning of the interlinear file explains the labelling method used
by Stolfi...
I think you might have confused some of the Transcriber codes and
illustration codes together here.

Please look again at the interlinear text and you'll see a large number of line codes which (unlike the codes you listed) were not documented in the header, but appear to have been allocated almost at random. The examples I give below are not accidental one-offs, but all appear in structured blocks of lines (though with an apparently unstructured choice of letter).

Of course, there may be some historical reason - FSG, etc? - for these, but I'm not aware of it.

Any ideas, anyone? Rene?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

* * * * * *

C = ? (looks like "circular text", but I'm not 100% sure)
<f86v4.C.4;U> pchedar.ar.ocpor.otees.o!es,aiin.olkeor.dar.air,dshy.doeedey-{sync gap}opchedy.shedaiin.dar.otedy.dain.otey.dam.otedy.daiin.chocthy.dtodair.chody.sheos.otedor.qokechy.pchda!dy.dan.ol.dol.oty.sho.pol.opoldyl=

X = ?
<f84v.X.22;V>      dshedy=

Y = ?
<f84v.Y.30;H>      okchdy-

U = ?
<f85v2.U1.1;V>     okchdarar=

M = ?
<f85v2.M1.8;U>     okady=

N = ?
<f85v2.N2.1;U> okar.or.o*.oraiin.okeady.okch*.odsheedy.odaiin.okchdy.{fold}okar.shar.okaiin.daiin.ofair.oly.olkais,od,al.olkalo.olor.***.**.o*.sh*a.*.k.r,ol,ar.oteedaii*.otar.a*r.*,qor.aiin.ol.qota*{fold}.ol.o.r.or.or*a.okeeed*.okal.okodain.okech.okady.okedy.chdar.o.**-{gap}

B = ?
<f85v2.B1.1;V>     opdar.am=

Q = ?
<f86v3.Q.11;H>     dsheody.qokchey.dal.or.odaiin.sar=

m = ?
<f88r.m.1;H>       otaldy=

etc etc etc

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