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Re: VMs: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

Oh I know exactly what I'm doing. The best minds have floundered on this for
years. I have my reasons for sticking rigidly to EVA. Well not completely
rigidly I do have some reservations. Every so often I will drop some text
here and there on the list but no one will really know what I am doing and
that suits me fine. If I ever do make a breakthrough then everyone will
know, because I will only post anything truly significant when I know that I
am right.

Tunnel vision is easily aquired.

From: "Rene Zandbergen" <r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx>

Subject: Re: VMs: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

> --- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > I haven't reached a dead end :-)
> >
> Pardon my being very frank, Jeff, but I think
> you're walking up a dead alley. That's my opinion
> and I may be wrong, but let me explain why I think
> so.
> The main reason is that you're working from
> a transcription file in Eva, and you need to
> keep a close eye on what it looks like in the
> VMs. Thus, a word like 'fachys', which you're
> interpreting as a 6-character word does not
> look like a 6-character word. Same with 'ataiin'
> which is on the same line.
> As long as you don't deviate from this path,
> there will be a dead end.
> Furthermore, the character 'f' in fachys is a
> character that only appears in the MS on the
> top lines of paragraphs. Whatever the reason
> for this, it has to be treated in a different
> way from the other characters.
> Anyway, this is like a maze, there are nothing
> but dead ends and there are still plenty of
> opportunities to turn in a new direction.
> Also, of course, there are plenty of opportunities
> to keep running around in circles, which is
> pretty close to what I think I've been doing :-)
> All the best, Rene

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