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VMs: Sideways text? Bleedthrough? Erased image?

I was just looking at the August page (f72v3) 
and noted that there appears to be text running sideways that is bled through, erased, or something.  It is most apparent under the lion running down up from the "u" in 'Augst' to the lion, and there appear to be other lines including one to the right that goes through the lions mid-section and one to the left that appears best to the bottom of the page, just under the two blackish bars.  The lines run clear to the bottom of the page.

If you rotate the page 90 degrees (so the lion's head is "up") you can see them pretty clearly.

The one beneath the blackish bars looks like it starts "39855 pu?iT uniches (or urache?)" with "3ade" or something like it beneath

between the u in augst and the lion it looks like eva "lac" then english 'ch'  The lion has "?er" plainly in its' neck if you turn the page
and a backward "s" on the head.  in the belly of the lion is "1236".  If you follow that line towards the bottom of the page (left on a rotated page) you see "ou tr?" under the second circle nymph.  You can also see 246and 751 at the top (right on a rotated page)

I will try and clear up the image and highlite what I see and post it to my web page.

Very weird!!!

What was used, do you think, to copy these pages?  Could they be artifacts from the copy process or something?

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

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