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Re: VMs: Gallows - Was: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

PK#01 wrote:
> Isn't it strange that all our examples (including mine) date from 1100-1200
> while we think the manuscript is from 1400+ ? Why would anuone in 1400 study
> 200 year old documents? Does anyone else than a historian, linguist (or
> other academic scholar) today read documents from 1800? Unlikely.

	I noticed the same thing.  However-

	In Writing: The Story of Alphabets and Scripts
(Discoveries) by 
Georges Jean (Discoveries Gallimard series) I saw
gallows embellishments from 1350 (and maybe 1430, I'm
not sure).  They're in color illuminated Ms. images in
the front of the book.  So the tradition survived a
while longer.  

	Also.  The strikingly nymph-like images in Vat. 1291
gr. were in a 9th cent. Byzantine Ms!  So people did
read older things.  AND - Vat. 1291 gr. was in Brescia
in the early 1500's!!!  Very interesting, Watson!

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