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RE: VMs: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

Nick wrote:

> We also have to consider why, if the VMs glyphs are so clear, glyph-level
> statistics don't appear to be moving us forward towards any kind of
> consensus on even the most basic issues.

Other than my few posts on the subject, I don't believe I've seen any
glyph-level statistics published recently.  I've seen several posts based on
EVA, but we are discussing glyph-level here, and they are not present
anywhere.  I don't see how it is possible to move forward when you don't
have the proper information to work with.  Oh well....

But thank you for coming to my defense.  I intended to do good, but managed
to reek havoc, as usual.  So many bright people, with shiny new ideas, toys
and play things.  And me, a drudging old soul with myopic focus, out to ruin
the fun for everyone by solving the damned thing.  Maybe I need to live a
little, buy a plaid jacket perhaps? :-)


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