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Re: VMs: British Academy - awards for Networks...?

Hi Nick,

I'm sure we have plenty of PhD's on this list,
but very, very few of them will actually be 
related even remotely to the VMs work
that is being done. I very much doubt that
the purpose of the award will be to support 
people in pursuing a 'hobby'. Still, it couldn't
do any harm to just try and find out and 
will support you if you need. 
FWIW, I have a PhD in Technical Sciences (Space
Engineering - see above :-) ).

Cheers, Rene

PS: No I'm not a rocket scientist, but some of
my friends are :-)

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Reading through the British Academy website, ISTM
> that it might be a good 
> idea to apply for a Network award, in order to
> support the work we're all 
> doing & to help fund seminars etc.
> 	http://www.britac.ac.uk/funding/guide/networks.html
> 	Funds are available to support small networks of
> scholars
> 	from different countries meeting over a period of
> three to
> 	five years to work on particular issues or
> questions of
> 	methodology. Grants will be offered to support
> travel and
> 	maintenance costs for individual visits, or for
> workshops
> 	and symposia. Priority will be given to proposals
> involving
> 	younger scholars. The funding is not intended to
> cover
> 	major research expenses, for which support must be
> 	sought elsewhere.
> Administratively, study of the VMs would appear to
> fall under the BA's 
> Section H9 "Early Modern History".
> The next deadline for a funding round (AIUI there
> are three per year) is 
> September 30th 2003, so I think it would be a good
> idea to try to see if we 
> can come up with (at speed):-
> (a) a proposal title summing up the kind of
> networking/meeting we'd use the 
> award for
> (b) two academic referees who are both
> well-respected and sympathetic to 
> our aims
> For (a), I looked at the list of past Network awards
> for inspiration:
> Some quick suggestions (feel free to improve on
> them):-
> 	* Transcription and collaboration in Voynich
> Manuscript studies
> 	* International cross-disciplinary study of the
> Voynich Manuscript
> 	* Towards collaborational tools for Voynich
> Manuscript reasearch
> For (b), my first thoughts were for Jim Reeds and
> Charles Burnett, but does 
> anyone have any better ideas? Who would be the best
> referee?
> The only other thing: every past award recipient on
> the list is a Dr or 
> Professor... do we have any UK PhD's on-list who
> would perhaps be an 
> appropriate applicant?
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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