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Re: VMs: Yet another weird hypothesis ...

Hi Mart,

At 23:53 04/09/2003 +0300, Mart Vabar:
I don't know much about grafology, but I think, the writer is not very
interested in sexual things at all

According to the introductory notes on http://www.britishgraphology.org/ ...

Middle Zone:
*       Common-sense
*       Self-assertion
*       Sentimental, social and rational considerations
*       Attitude to everyday life.

Upper Zone:
*       Extension above everyday matters into the realms of dreams
*       of intellectual or spiritual interests
*       of ideals and speculation.

Lower Zone:
*       Extension into the sub-conscious
*       Instinctual needs, e.g. sexual inclinations
*       Material and business considerations
*       Down to earth.

Capital Emphasis: (overlarge (more than twice height of m/z letters)
        embellished or elaborated capital letters.
*       Love of limelight
*       Self dramatization
*       Lack of mental balance
*       Auto-suggestion
*       Over-compensation of inferiority feelings, by showing off.

ISTM that the VMs' elaborate gallows indicate both intellect & self-dramatization, and its weak lower zone to impracticality and low sex-drive. Well, allegedly, anyway. :-o

The history of graphology (ie, as an indirect study of personality, as opposed to stylistics or palaeography) began somewhat after the VMs' likely dates, so make of that what you will:-


        But it is not until 1622 that the study of handwriting was put
        into print, by the Italian Camillo Baldi, "How to recognize
        from a letter the nature and quality of a writer". This was
        little more than a collection of random observations though,
        and remained virtually unnoticed.

        At the beginning of the 19th century, the German, Lavater,
        and the Frenchmen, Edouard Hocquart and Abbé Flandrin,
        developed the art of interpreting handwriting. But it was not
        until the second half of the century, when Michon published
        the results of his many years research into individual
        handwriting movements, that the subject began to arouse
        public interest.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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