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Re: VMs: For this MONKEY: Help, pointers, etc. please: Unicode, TrueType fonts, kerning

Jacques Guy wrote:

> Take kerning. Is there anything like vertical
> kerning? So that, for instance, a hyphen,
> vertically "kerned" above an 'a', would give
> and a+macron?

Perhaps it might - but the correct thing to do in Unicode
is using "Combining Diacritical marks" which work in the
same way as Gabriel described on the surface but do
not map to another font. These are in the Unicode
area from U+0300 to U+036F.

> As for Unicode, I am completely lost. Snippets
> of code would help, in whatever programming
> language (I can read C and its relatives, but
> APL is right out!).

Here are two open source Unicode editors:

http://www.jedit.org  (in Java)

http://www.yudit.org (for Unix/Linux XWindows)

And a page that lists many other editors, some of which
might be open source.


I have not used any of these so cannot offer comments.

Best regards,

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