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VMs: New vms 'words'

As a quick example of new words here is a short list ending with daiin from
the generated list that do not appear in my sample eva text.

cheeodaiin, chetodaiin, cthdaiin, dadaiin, dchadaiin, dckadaiin, dckodaiin,
dckydaiin, dtdaiin

And a list of the words generated that do appear in the vms sample.

cheodaiin, choldaiin, dchodaiin, doldaiin

Now the interesting question here is: Do any of the words in the top list
also appear in the EVA? If not then I would imagine it is less likely to be
an artificially generated language using a pattern generator of some sort
such as a table. If they do appear in the vms then it could be all a hoax.
What a thought!


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