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Re: VMs: semiotics & vms: homepage

Hi Jacques & Gabriele,

At 21:54 10/09/2003 +1000, Jacques Guy wrote:
10/09/2003 11:32:24 AM, "Gabriele Ferri" <gabriele.ferri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>See above, there's a big difference between random and meaningless. One of
>the "Golden Rules" of communication is that "it's impossible not to
>communicate". Even a book containing absolutely random text has many
>meanings (for a semiotic point of view): its images, the layout...

Now, now, now... are the images random? Is the layout random?

You could also categorise the various differences something like this:-

                        Meaning Form    Meaning Content
        Random  -                       -
        Arbitrary       tacit                   tacit
        Expressive      -                       tacit
        Meaningful      explicit                explicit
        Hoax            explicit                -
        Crypto  explicit                misleading
        Stego           misleading              explicit

You might then use this to build a permutation engine (similar to Ramon Llull's mnenomic engine) to predict various other possible types of hypothesis.

BTW, what are the semiotics of steganography? :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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